The Top 10 Best Speckled Trout Lures of All Time

There are two types of inshore fishermen that fish for speckled trout along the Texas coast. One that fishes with live bait and the other prefers to predominantly fish with artificial lures.

Both methods work very well for catching speckled trout but using artificial lures is a great way to weed out a lot of small game fish and non-game fish from attacking your bait…

With artificial you have to do all of the work yourself to convince a trout to bite. With live bait you let the bait do most of the work. If you haven’t had much luck fishing with artificial lures, stop buying live and dead bait and try only fishing with artificial lures for awhile and see how well you do….

Even on days where you’re bored. Just grab your rod and reel and a couple lures off of this list and don’t stop fishing until you catch something. Many times anglers will get frustrated with not catching anything on artificial lures and just give up. Then they will tell you, “I never catch anything on artificial lures”.
They much rather wait in line at a bait camp in the morning or try to catch bait an hour earlier before the sun comes up. (Nothing Wrong With This)

The gulf is a huge place…

We want to make as long of a cast as possible with our lure to cover and eliminate as much water as we can. Saltwater fish are constantly swimming around and searching for food. You should constantly move around to find feeding fish as well. Many times fishermen that fish with dead and live bait will fish one “spot” for a long time and decide the fish weren’t biting that day when feeding fish could be feeding just a few yards from the “spot” you’re working. But you’ll never know because you don’t move around and try areas that are right near the “spot” you’re working.

There are a few lures that I will always have in constant supply in my tackle box. My confidence lures and a few experimental lures to do some testing when the bite is tough. I always like to do testing just in case there’s a lure that might replace the other lures that are on my top ten list.

When deciding on what lures to use find out where speckled trout are feeding, what they are feeding on and find out how aggressive they are feeding. You can sometimes what trout are feeding on by looking at the nervous bait moving around you. Do you see thousands of shad getting busted or mullet jumping to swim for their lives? This is a good sign of what the majority of game fish are currently feeding on around you.

Start off by matching the bait that you see around you or start off with your confidence lure until you find what’s working. Hell, in all honesty tie on whatever you like to start off, it’s your decision…

The lures listed below have outperformed other lures I’ve tested 10-1 in catching speckled trout. If you don’t have any lures except these 10 speckled trout lures listed below, you will be in great shape to catch some speckled trout…

Now let’s get started with…

The Top 10 Best Speckled Trout
Lures On The Texas Coast


Heddon Super Spook1. Heddon Super Spook – You can’t have a true top 10 artificial lures list if a topwater lure is not in the top 10. Trout are very aggressive feeders that will hit a topwater lure right off the surface of the water. Any topwater will work well over feeding trout but the topwater I feel is “Above Them All” is the Heddon Super Spook.

Throwing topwaters is a good way to locate feeding fish when speckled trout are not visibly seen feeding to the naked eye. It’s a hard combination to beat while wading and working the flats.

Many times speckled trout will miss a topwater and will show themselves to you. Only set the hook when you feel the tension of the fish on the topwater. Speckled trout will roll all over a topwater and somehow won’t get hooked. Setting the hook without feeling the fish will only jerk your lure away from the strike zone sending the super spook directly at you traveling at mach 1….


Feel the fish – Set the hook!

Johnson Silver Spoon2. Johnson Silver Spoon – The spoon is a universal lure that will work in any body of water. It mimics the flash and movements of bait fish swimming in the water. This FLASH triggers a reaction in predatory fish.

The spoon can be jigged or work at a moderate to fast pace. It’s hard for any fish feeding on other fish to pass up a spoon.

Either silver, gold or copper spoon will work on trout… My favorite color for speckled trout for sure is the silver spoon. I’m not sure if it’s because trout like feeding on shad, mullet and even their own kind. I catch more trout on silver spoons than I do the others. It might be a coincidence thing but I will go off of my past experiences. 😉


Corky Fat Boy Paul Brown MirrOLure3. Corky Fat Boy  – The Corky Fat Boy has probably caught more 8+ pound trout than any other lure on the Texas coast. When the water temperature gets cold and fish only feed on bigger bait, this lure performs the absolute best. Work it very slow with a few small twitches and get ready for a monster trout to hit.

The Fat Boy Corky lure was originally made by Texas own Paul Brown. The Corky Fat Boy is known around Texas as a cold weather bait for massive sized trout but will work all season long on other game fish like Redfish as well.

Down South Lures4. Down South Lures – This lure hasn’t been out for a very long time but it’s kicking ass across the coast on both speckled trout and redfish.

The Down South Lure is one of my favorite soft plastic lures to throw at speckled trout. The paddle tail action on this lure is pretty bad-ass.

I always judge paddle tail lures on their action at slow speed. If the tail has plenty of action while moving slow, then we have a winner.

The down south lure does just that…

It’s a deadly soft plastic that works scarily good on the fall. You can reel this in straight without any rod action or reel it fast and slow to mimic fleeing baitfish.

My favorite colors for the Down South lure is the purple and chartreuse tail and the red shad Down South lure.

Vudu Shrimp5. Vudu Shrimp – The shrimp imitation lures have evolved in the last 10 years. If you wanted to imitate a shrimp, the only good shrimp imitation lure was the DOA shrimp. It didn’t last very long after a few catches but it looked just like a shrimp minding his own business in the water.

Then Egret Baits came out with a tough shrimp imitation lure called the Vudu shrimp that puts the DOA shrimp to shame. The Vudu shrimp has action in the shrimp tail giving it more action on the fall. The Vudu shrimp is a lot stronger than the DOA shrimp so you will be able to catch more fish on one lure than compared to the DOA.

This will save you time and a little bit of money by not having to buy a crap load of lures. The Vudu shrimp looks and performs a lot better than other shrimp imitation lures on the market. Pairing this lure with a Legend Popping Cork while putting just little Pro-Cure on it will work wonders in the marsh and wherever trout are present.

Lil John By MirrOLure6. Lil John By MirrOLure – Over the last 2 years has made a soft plastic lure that I like. It doesn’t look like much at a first glance but the action in the water is very good. Paired with a 1  ⅛ size Knotty Hooker Jig Head is a deadly combination for trout.

You can throw this soft plastic a country mile because of the way it’s built. Unlike other paddle tails, this soft plastic lure flaps in the air during a cast, causing it to have more friction and wind resistance while in the traveling to the water.

This lure is definitely not used for catching monsters but just for catching keepers and finding fish. Many times I will start with this lure because it’s one of my confidence lures. It’s not too small, not too big, you can work it slow and work it fast. It come in many colors and used with a little pro-cure it’s hard to beat.

Speck Rig7. Speck Rig – The first keeper speckled trout that I ever caught on artificial lures was caught on a speck rig. Speck rigs come tandem in one package. When fish are feeding aggressively in one area it’s not uncommon to catch to fish at a time on this rig.

I use to fish this lure at night exclusively just to catch two at a time. I would set the hook and keep pressure on the fish until I felt another BIG tug. This second major tug is usually the second fish on your line.

Trout for the most part swim together. When you catch one trout that means there’s a good chance another trout is not far behind it. A wise man that taught me how to wade, exclusively threw this lure and hammered trout day after day in the Galveston surf on speck rigs. It’s an old but simple lure that produces fish. It’s pretty much a painted jig head with a skirt glued around it. It mimics shad and other bait that speckled trout eat.

MirrOdine8. MirrOdine By MirrOLureThis is one of my favorite big shad/mullet imitation lures that I love throwing. I’ve caught some nice size trout on the surf with both XL and mini MirrOdine’s. The Mirrodine is a suspending twitchbait that has scary realistic action.

Trout simply hammer this lure even while it’s suspending and not moving at all. The Mirrodine is a popular lure amongst trout fisherman. You can expect to catch a keeper trout when you get a hit on this lure. It’s not known for catching “DINKS”.

Yo-Zuri 3D Crystal Minnow9. Yo-Zuri 3D Crystal Minnow – This lure has to be mentioned because it’s deadly at night under the lights. The action in the water is incomparable to any lure imitating glass minnows swimming away from hungry specks at night.

The crystal minnow is a little on the expensive side but it’s definitely a hard to beat lure when fished at night under the lights. I’m sure this lure works pretty well in the daytime, I just never bothered giving it a shot.

Make sure you buy the 3D Crystal minnow that suspends and get colors close to clear and white as possible. For the price this lure is not as durable as you would expect. I find that the lip will break off fairly easy if you drop it or bump it against a hard surfaces like jetty rocks. The holographic shine on the bait mimics the flash of fleeing baitfish in the water. This lure will out-fish live shrimp at night if trout are mainly feeding on glass minnows.

Don’t sleep on this lure….

Bass Assassins

10. Bass Assassins – Probably one of the oldest and most popular soft plastic lure company known in Texas. Bass Assassin has made effective paddle tail lures that simply work. It seems that anytime I’m bank fishing I always see an old chewed up bass assassin on the ground.

It’s a pretty common soft plastic lure that works well around feeding trout. It’s an older soft plastic lure that doesn’t look like the “newer” soft plastics, but it simply works. It has stood the test of time and will continue to catch trout for years to come…

Now that you have a good list of speckled trout fishing lures try them out and see what you catch…

After that come back to this article and reply back with your fishing report. Or if you feel I forgot one popular artificial lure, comment in the section below and tell me what it is.

Until next time peeps…

Tight Lines!

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