How to Setup Tandem Rig Artificial Lures

Okay so you’re like me and you love fishing tandem rig artificial lures for speckled trout, but it gets quite expensive to buy packs and packs of these lures. I’ve learned that making your own tandem rigs saves you lots of money in the long run and it gives you freedom to choose the right combination for the job.

Before discussing set up make sure you gear up for your tandem rigs. First lets talk about line for the rig. Use good quality monofilament and avoid the cheap stuff. The line you use to fish with on a daily basis should be the same line used to make your tandem rigs because you have faith it in.

This line has come through for you many times so why complicate things and use a different line. However make sure you use heavier test pound line for your rigs. The heavier line will be stronger and heavier line floats more than thinner line so it will help keep your bait riding high in the water column.

If you want to spend a little more money use fluorocarbon line as your leader line. Fluorocarbon is smaller in diameter so it sinks faster which will allow you to fish this rig deeper if need be and it is also very strong. The best feature about fluorocarbon is that it becomes invisible in the water which makes your tandem rigs look more natural. Next lets discuss jigheads.

Get a wide range of jigheads from 1/16oz to 1/2oz. The shape of the head is really personal choice so go with a shape that you’re confident in. Now lets discuss soft plastic. Use a variety of soft plastic body types. This will allow you adapt once you see what the trout are feeding on in the water. Keep your color selection simple. Use natural colors for green water and brighter colors for off colored water.

So you purchased everything you need for your tandem rig artificial lures, and now comes the fun part which is the set up. First you want to pull out 3 to 5 foot of line off your spool. Next fold your line and at the top tie a loop knot. This loop will be your way to connect the main line to the rig. Cut one side shorter than the other and tie on your jigs of choice.

When tying your jigs always use a loop knot to help prevent line twist ( which is critical is spinning reels) and it gives the bait extra action. Another way to set up this rig is to use a three way swivel. Pull out 8” of line for one side and 12” to 14” for the other side.

Use whatever knot you have confidence to tie your lines to the swivel and again make sure you tie those loop knots for your jigs.Use 17lb or 20lb fluorocarbon line as your leader line.

Now your tandem rigs can be as long as you want them to be but make sure the two lures are a minimum of 8” to a foot apart. Make adjustments as needed because sometimes you’ll find that one end is either too long or too short.

Take your tandem rig out and cast it a few times too see how it looks. If you like what you see then you’re good to go; if not make more adjustments until you’re satisfied.

Making your own tandem rigs is fun, easy, cheap, and allows you to use the right combination to achieve success. So set em up and tear em up. Remember never pass up an opportunity to learn something new and pass it forward.

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